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A Juku Student becomes a School Captain and a role model!

Lauren McLennan has been a Juku Student for the past three years having commenced with us in 2011, in our first year. When Lauren was in Year 9, she showed great enthusiasm during our first lessons with her.
Lauren was entertaining, focused and hardworking and as one of our first students she remains incredibly special to us. Not only was Lauren a keen bean when it came to studying, she also participated in many other activities and had a strong passion for Netball. This enthusiasm and glow that Lauren had attained over the years culminated in her election as School Captain of ‘Balwyn High School’ at the start of 2014.
When congratulating Lauren on her wonderful achievement she responded, ‘I am really grateful for everything I learnt at Juku, whilst it taught me a lot academically it also was very encouraging and reassuring!’ She constantly appraised all the soft skills she learnt with our private tutors, and really looked up to our tutors, whom she saw as role models and had became a huge part of her life.
Lauren continued to grow in confidence, and decided to take on one Year 12 subject in Year 10, three Year 12 subjects in Year 11 and four Year 12 subjects in Year 12. Since she was that accelerated she thought she could handle the workload and stress over the three years, in comparison to the usual one.
Moreover, Lauren also attended our specialised English Exam seminars at the end of 2013 in preparation for her English Exam. Lauren really enjoyed these seminars that assisted her to fine tune her essay writing and confidence before her Year 12 exams. As a result, Lauren did incredibly well receiving a 48 in English and after completing four subjects she is already sitting on a 90.95 ATAR with four subjects to go!
She has done an incredible job and we wish her all the best for the remainder of Year 12 and her future. Great work Lauren! We are very, very proud!

5 Tips in Finding the Perfect Melbourne Tutor-Melbourne Tutoring

Whether you are a parent looking for a Melbourne tutor for your kids or students searching for a maths tutor in Melbourne, you will surely benefit from reading the rest of this article as it will provide you with practical insights on how to find the best one. While you will surely be confronted with an amalgam of choices, each claiming to be the best private tutor in the area; do not immediately believe what they are saying. Take the time to research to evaluate your choices and to see how one is different from the other.

Experience and Reputation

These are most probably two of the things indicative of being able to make the right choice. Choose a local tutor with extensive experience in the job and someone who has gained a positive reputation in the market. You can go online and look at the reviews of students and parents to narrow down the possibilities you can take into consideration. You can hire an individual directly or hire through one of the tutoring centres in the area.

Diversity of Knowledge

Some people specifically look for a Math or English tutor, while there are some who would like to hire a primary or high school tutor with knowledge on a wide subject area. The latter is better for some because having the ability to teach a wide range of subjects can be quite beneficial.

Availability and Setup

Looking for a suitable tutor will also require the need to consider the availability of the person. The schedule should match that of the student. More so, the tutoring setup should be also considered. In this case, you will generally have to choose from two things. The first one is to have the tutoring done in the comfort of your own home, and the second one is for such to be done in a specific location, such as a tutoring centre.

Pricing for Tutoring Service

As you go online and look for a tutor, do not also forget to consider the rates being charged. Some tutors may charge on a per hour basis while there are some who might charge on a weekly or monthly basis. Make a choice based on what you are most comfortable with. The more important thing is to make sure you will be charged with a reasonable rate for Melbourne tutoring. Explore your choices first to know the best offer when it comes to their pricing.

The Best Choice

Given the factors mentioned earlier, if you are interested in hiring the best tutor in the area, do not hesitate to contact Juku Tutoring. We can either provide home tutoring or tutoring based at our learning centre. We will essentially select the most suitable tutor based on all the above factors, which we discussed throughout this article. You can be confident that we have superstars, who can provide nothing but the best when it comes to tutoring.

VCE Tutors and High School Tutors in Melbourne

Hi there! My name is Juku Jack, my role is to ensure that every student in Melbourne has access to the best tutors available. We have VCE tutors and primary school tutors. Here at Juku we provide not only tutors but role models to shape the students of our future.

Juku Session run: Monday-Friday 5:30-7:30pm at our Learning Centre in Alphington, Victoria, 3078.

VCE Tutors

Here at the Juku Learning centre we provide a unique and intimate learning environment, where high school students study diligently and prepare for any upcoming tests or exams.

Our VCE tutors are very knowledgeable and welcoming to ensure your child achieves their full potential. We know how important it is to achieve a fantastic ATAR Score, this is why our VCE tutors will use their expertise and insightful tutoring techniques to improve your child’s ATAR Score.