Practice really does make it perfect, which is true in the case of Advanced Maths.

Advanced Maths is a rather challenging subject, but it becomes easier if you approach it with a positive attitude. There will be many new concepts that you come across in Maths, and if you only see them as dull, you’ll struggle to find the motivation you need to solve problems. If you’ve ever wondered how someone can actually like Maths, you might be surprised to hear that anyone can enjoy it if they really want to. It’s a matter of seeing Maths concepts as more than just abstract ideas, seeing how Maths is employed in so many aspects of our daily lives and enjoying the process of solving problems.


Practice correctly:

It is essential not only to practise but to practise correctly. So how can you practise ‘correctly’? This is a complicated question, and the answer differs from student to student. It depends on your study style, goals, productivity levels and much more. My advice is to not be too hard on yourself. It takes time to find the right way to study for an exam. Even if you’ve found that correct way, on a bad day, even that may not be enough. People are not machines that always function perfectly, and we deserve to be excused in those moments where not everything works. Sometimes it’s okay to slack off for a few days so you can come back fresh and motivated. As long as your determination to succeed remains the same, you can give your brain a little break every now and then.


Identify your goals

It’s challenging to stay motivated all the time. You might have heard your teachers say that you should have a goal in mind for your study score. Have you ever wondered why you need to do this? Shouldn’t you just study and do the best you can? Having a goal is really helpful, but not so you can crunch the numbers on an online ATAR calculator; it’s about keeping you motivated throughout the year. It is much easier to find that extra bit of enthusiasm to carry on with a clear goal.


Beat the stress

However, it is challenging to find and stay in that sweet spot where you feel the ‘right amount’ of stress. If you start to feel that you’re becoming overwhelmed with everything, make sure to do all you can to get yourself back on track. People deal with stress in different ways. Some listen to music, some play sport, some even sleep for a whole day.


Be a team player

Year 12 is a team effort. It’s true that you’ll be ranked against your classmates, but there’s nothing to gain from turning Year 12 into a dreadful competition. Holding a competitive mindset and keeping material and valuable techniques to yourself will not only turn Year 12 into an even more stressful time, but it will also negatively affect your final marks.



While a study score is just a number, it does provide something to aim for. It should be something for you to look back on and be proud of how hard you worked for it. Remember that it’s a personal thing and isn’t there for others to judge. Define what study techniques work best for you and keep working towards your aims and goals.

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