Frequently Asked Questions (Students & Parents)

Using our 4 Step process it is super quick and easy to connect with a suitable private tutor!

1. Search

2. Select

3. Send

4. Schedule

Once you have sent your tutor request to your shortlisted tutors (we recommend selecting atl east 5  tutors) they will then be notified.

Please ensure you’re checking your emails and you will be connected with a suitable tutor within 24-48 hours. 

Once you have your tutor’s contact details you can then schedule in your first lesson using our Teachworks interactive calendar platform at a time and place that suits you!

For more information, click here to watch our short video.

We tutor all Australian primary and high school subjects, from prep all the way to Year 12.

All Juku tutors are knowledgeable in their respective fields and have the study score to back up their knowledge and expertise.

Each of our tutors has perfected their subject and have a wealth of knowledge to pass on to our students!

You will notice on each tutor’s profile they will charge different rates depending on their experience and capabilities.

You will also notice tutors charge less for “Online” tutoring compared to “In-Person” due to the fact that they don’t have to travel.

You will be charged for each “Attended” session, if you aren’t happy with your allocated tutor, simply begin your tutor search again.

You can cancel at any time, but will be charged for any tutoring session “Attended”.

We ask all Juku clients to add their card details when they first send their tutor request.

We safely store client’s card details in our system and at the end of every month you will be charged for all “Attended” session charged at each tutor’s hourly rate. 

You will also receive a monthly invoice that shows the date and time of the tutoring session as well as the tutor and their hourly rate.

If there is ever an issue with an invoice or payment please email our customer support team 

Juku Tutoring does indeed have a referral program! If you refer a friend who successfully signs up as a Juku Tutor or a Juku Student, you will then receive 1 hour of tutoring FREE per successful referral on your next monthly invoice.

We service all suburbs and areas across Australia. 

Please note that we don’t have tutors in every single suburb across Australia.

If travelling to your home is an issue, then we encourage you to sign up to “Online” tutoring where location isn’t an issue as tutors can tutor you from anywhere in Australia and overseas!

All of our tutors also offer “Online” tutoring for long-distance students or those who can’t find a local tutor!

The benefits of “Online” is that you’ll be able to be matched with a larger pool of talented tutors which has ultimately ensured a better service delivery and outcome for our students.

Cheaper price and the ability to record lessons so you can re-watch as many times as you like!

Students can meet students at a public library, school, online or at either the tutor or student’s house.

As often as you need. This is completely up to you and your preferred Juku Tutor to arrange. Based on our experience, in order to maximise academic results, we recommend 1-2 sessions of tutoring a week at a minimum.


Yes, all Juku tutors have their own notes and study materials which they will share with their students to aid in their development and education. 

We encourage our tutors to provide tasks and homework activities to help our students build their skills and enhance their learning abilities.

After every attended lesson you will receive an email asking you to rate your allocated tutor’s lesson.

You are never committed to any tutor for any period of time.

If you’re no longer happy with your allocated tutor please begin your tutor search again and send your tutor request to other suitable tutors.

Once a lesson (either “Online” or “In-Person”) has been arranged, Juku Tutoring, acting as the Agent of the tutor, considers this booking to be final, subject to this cancellation policy.

That is, the student agrees to pay for the arranged lesson.

Note that if a lesson is cancelled for any reason, the student must notify the tutor immediately.

On the very rare occasion, if there is an error on your invoice (either incorrect hours or hourly fees), please contact your relevant tutor(s) immediately so they can rectify the issues in our Teachworks system immediately.

If you have a question that does not appear here, please reach out to our helpful support team.

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Let's hear what our students and their parents have to say about Juku Tutoring
Our Testimonial

Why our clients love Juku Tutoring

Don’t just take our word for it. See what students & parents have to say...

Samantha Prior

Cannot recommend Juku tutoring enough. They are so professional and their tutors are hand-picked and offer amazing assistance to students with their broad knowledge on the relevant subjects . Have recommended them to all my friends. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

Michael Simpson

Very professional organisation and all the tutors I’ve dealt with from Juku are fantastic to work with. Would highly recommend to any parent wanting their children to excel in their High School studies.

Nicole Nguyen

The last 3 years have been great with Juku Tutoring. I am now in Year 10 and I am in the top 3 in my Science class. Thank you Juku Tutoring. I look forward to the next 3 years and I know that with your support I can achieve my full potential!

Lucy Raymond

A great company that prides themselves on providing the best services possible to all students. There are many different tutors available, so there will always be someone there that can provide the help you need. Would definitely recommend.

Anna Mendy

Juku Tutoring is an exceptional organisation that provides students with an environment in which they can thrive. Tutors are mature and conscientious in their approach, and support students throughout their school experiences. I would highly recommend them!

Chelsea Russell

Very friendly staff and great tutors to boost your scores! Find the most suitable service for you at Juku without traveling far. Excellent tutoring option for all year levels.

Emma Bailey

Great philosophy and dedication towards their students. Juku puts a great deal of effort into ensuring the highest quality staff and experience available.

Raphael Michael

Juku Tutoring is an outstanding organisation possessing an unrelenting passion to help students reach their full potential. All tutors are amiable and knowledgable in their respective fields. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Gregory

An excellent organisation that is committed to helping students of all ages reach their full potential, would highly recommend to all.

Simon Davidson

Referred my cousin to Juku. The feedback was very very positive!!! Keep up the great work! Definitely made a difference for my cousin!

Ben Tranh

Juku Tutoring is a reliable and long-established organisation that is perfect for both students and tutors. It not only provides an opportunity for passionate tutors, but also allows students to gain valuable knowledge, maximise their potential, and also gaining a friend who can support them outside of class to help them reach their goals.