Frequently Asked Questions (Tutors)

Becoming a Juku Tutor is simple! Click here to apply now.

We will respond to your application within one business day.

To ensure high-quality tutors for our clients, we do place certain requirements on new Juku Tutors.

Before applying please ensure you satisfy all of our tutor requirements. Click here to see our tutor requirements

We encourage tutors to only tutor subjects they’re passionate and capable of teaching.

Please review the subject and year level list carefully before selecting. 

The remuneration you will be receiving for tutoring students will depend on your capability and experience, we have provided a rough guide on our Tutor Application Form.

You have the freedom to choose your hourly rates for both “Online” and “In-Person” tutoring. Keeping in mind that clients are price sensitive, so if you charge an unreasonable amount this may impact the number of new student requests you receive.  

At the end of every month, we expect all Juku Tutors to ensure their Teachworks calendar systems are up to date and all sessions status’ are updated.

You will only be remunerated for sessions that are marked as “Attended” where you and the
client “Attended” the scheduled lesson.

If you didn’t tutor during the month there is no need to fill out the calendar on Teachworks, however it would be great if you could let us know the reason why you didn’t tutor any of your active clients.

If you did tutor during the month it would be great if you could ensure your Teachworks calendar is completely up to date between the 28th-31st of every month.

The reason for this is so the payroll and billing team can receive all time sheets at around the same time.

For a smooth and efficient billing process, it is expected that on the last session of each month, all Juku Tutors need to confirm the number of tutoring hours (that were accumulated throughout the month) with their respective clients. This will ensure that
there aren’t any surprises when our clients receive their monthly invoice which stipulates the number of hours that were undertaken during the month.

As you will be sharing the tutoring sessions in the Teachworks calendar it will be easy for clients to keep track of tutoring hours as the dates and times of each session will be shared with each respective tutor and student.

Our billing team will then email our clients their monthly bill between the 3rd-7th of the following month.

Finally, between the 15th-17th of every month you will be paid for providing
the previous month’s tutoring services.

Using May as an example: Juku Tutors will ensure their Teachworks calendar is up to date for May between the 28th
-31st of May. Clients will be billed between the 3rd-7th of June and Juku Tutors will be paid between the 15th -17th of June for May’s tutoring services.

The short answer is no.

Juku Tutoring cannot allow its tutors to accept cash/cards from parents/students.


Juku client’s card details are in Juku Tutoring’s system when they’re onboarded. They will receive invoices from Juku Tutoring and they can pay online within seconds.

Yes we do.

If you refer a friend who then successfully signs up as a Juku Tutor or a Juku Student, you will then be paid for an 1 hour per successful referral on your next monthly payment.

Both! Juku Tutoring gives our tutors the flexibility to tutor whenever and wherever you like, depending on your location and preferences.

We allow tutors to tutor anywhere “Online”, “In-Person” or both.

To get started, click here to sign up to get paid today!

You will be notified via email, so please ensure notifications are switched on so you can reply in a timely manner! You need to be quick.

Many of our tutors work multiple jobs. We simply provide an added income stream. 

Before “Accepting” a new student, you need to ensure you can commit to a minimum of 2 hours per week.

The main reasons why some tutors don’t receive as many students as they would like is if they haven’t updated their tutor profile or they’re charging an unreasonable hourly rate.

We encourage all tutors to share the unique story using the fields in their tutor profile within the Juku’s Teachworks system.

Your profile on our website will reflect what is added in Teachworks, whether it is your profile picture, subjects, location, short-bio, achievements etc. 

Please keep your tutor profile in our Teachworks system up to date and ensure you’re charging a reasonable amount, based on your qualifications and experience.

Once you have been successfully onboarded you will have access to your own Teachworks profile.

You will then be able to use our Teachworks Calendar. Please ensure all your sessions are scheduled using the Teachworks Calendar.

Please click the links below that will guide you to schedule your tutoring sessions:

Click Here to Learn how to Schedule Sessions

Click Here to Watch the Scheduling Lessons Video

You will only be paid for tutoring sessions that are marked as “Attended” in Teachworks.

Once you have successfully been matched with your new students, you will have their contact details and they will be allocated to your Teachworks profile.

After every session, your students will rate your session and this will appear on your public tutor profile.

The first action to take is to inform your client well in advance.

Let them know that you will be unavailable for a while and ask them if they are happy to wait for you to return.

If you’re going away for 2 weeks, then we are sure they will be happy to wait, there is no need to contact Juku Tutoring for small trips.

However, if you plan on going away for more than a month your client may wish to have a replacement tutor.

In this case please let them know. They should then begin their tutor search again and send their request to other suitable tutors who will replace you. 

If you’re unable to continuing tutoring with us and you have followed Juku Tutoring’s reliability policy and notified your active students, then you can deactivate your account by filling in your Juku Tutoring active email address here .

If you do change your mind, you can “reactivate” at any time. The reactivation link will be emailed to you.

Hourly charge out rate $ (rough guide only):

Note these chargeable rates include Juku Tutoring’s 30% Management Fee. Tutors will receive 70% of the full chargeable amount. 

  • 0-2 years experience: $20-$60 per hour for “In Person” and $10-$50 per hour for “Online”
  • 2-5 years experience: $60-$80 per hour for “In Person” and $50-$70 per hour for “Online”
  • 5-10 years experience: $80-$120 per hour for “In Person” and $70-$110 per hour for “Online”
  • 10-20 years experience: $120-$200 per hour for “In Person” and $110-$195 per hour for “Online”
  • 20+ years experience: $200+ per hour for “In Person” and $195+ per hour for “Online”

We also encourage tutors to use the Tutor Search feature on our website to compare their hourly rates to other Juku Tutors with similar qualifications and experience. 

If you believe you can help an A student become an A+ student, and you scored exceptionally well in that subject 40+ Raw Study Score, then you should be able to tutor that subject.

If you have a question that does not appear here, please reach out to our helpful support team.

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Brianna Read

Being a Juku Tutor is the best part time job where you're your own boss and control your timetable. The extra income received from Juku was used to help buy my first car and fund my holidays. Highly recommend 🙂

Peter Dyson

Over the years I have tutored more than 40 students and it's been the most satisfying job since finishing Year 12. Most of my friends work in hospitality and retail but tutoring is so much more fulfilling and that's why I love it.

Tim Robertson

As a qualified high school teacher for more than 5 years I joined Juku Tutoring in search of an additional opportunity to help students privately. Juku Tutoring is a very supportive organisation that really does put their students and tutors needs' first. I have also recommended my friends and colleagues to become private tutors with Juku Tutoring and they have shared a similar positive experience.

Greg Hamilton

I love that we can set our own prices and hand-pick the subjects we can tutor. I have the complete flexibility to choose my students, hours and holidays which is very important for me while I complete my university studies.

Brian McCleod

I have been a Juku Tutor for 4 years now and have really enjoyed my time here. Juku Tutoring has matched me with great students over the years and I love seeing my students improve. Can't recommend them enough.