Have you ever wondered why many successful people have mentors? It’s not just because they’re nice or that they want to help others get ahead, but because there are good reasons to have role models in your life. Here are five reasons you should consider finding someone who can mentor you. Your career will be the better for it!


1) They inspire qualities you admire and value

Mentors and role models help us learn what we admire in others, often inspiring us to adopt those traits as our own. If you want to be happy, someone who’s been happy will likely inspire you more than a stranger who hasn’t been. The same goes for other traits: If you want a great relationship with your parents, for example, mentor or role model them so they can show you how it’s done.


2) They have overcome similar obstacles

Mentors and role models can be very powerful; these people usually know what they’re talking about because they’ve been there. However, make sure you’re picking people who aren’t just toughing it out but thriving—otherwise, you might fall into a cycle of trying and failing. It is much better to be mentored by someone who has made it.


3) They help you form better habits

A mentor can not only teach you how to do something, but they can also show you what not to do. A great mentor helps point out any bad habits or mistakes that you might be making and how those habits and mistakes may affect your future. Since most people don’t want to make bad decisions, people who have role models learn from them and know how to avoid similar mistakes in their own lives.


4) They instil passion in you

A role model’s passion rubs off on you. They inspire you to do better, go further and work harder because they truly love what they do. While a mentor will show you how to improve, a role model will show you why improvement is important in itself. This is especially important when starting out in your career, where it can be difficult to see past day-to-day tasks and big picture goals can feel a long way away.


5) They offer a different approach to things

It’s easy to get into a rut, doing things in a certain way because that’s how you always do them. When you work with someone who has a different approach, it helps open your mind and allows you to see other possibilities. They improve your skills: Your role models and mentors can push you in ways you wouldn’t be pushed otherwise. If they do something particularly well, ask them about it—you might learn something new for yourself or your business.



In our lives, we meet many people. Some of these people shape us as people, as well as shape who we become in terms of careers and professional endeavours. It’s important that we surround ourselves with positive role models who push us towards a better future – not just financially but also personally. They don’t have to be perfect – because no one is – but they should always push you towards a better life and encourage you when you need it most.

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