Here’s everything you need to know to get your Year 12 Maths right. 

  1. Get your study notes right:

Writing notes to express all of the content while keeping it concise is a brilliant skill that can solidify your understanding of a subject. Getting these notes checked by a teacher or classmate to validate your understanding can also provide meaningful feedback on the way you’re interpreting the content.

  1. Go above and beyond:

What puts you above the average student is understanding that your teacher only expresses and teaches the content. You have other channels such as your textbook, online videos, tutors, articles and discussion among your peers. There is one channel many students fail to use properly, however: themselves. You can explain the content aloud to yourself and, in doing so, figure out the holes in your own knowledge.

  1. Ask questions:

Once you start asking questions, you can understand what you’re being taught rather than simply accepting it. It can be a fairly simple question to ask, but asking any type of relevant question ultimately makes you more analytical.

  1. Reinforce content:

Writing in your notebook can have the same effect as teaching the content to someone else because if you can explain the content clearly, you truly understand it. After every class you have, it’s important to reinforce the content almost immediately. Follow the ‘cycle of reinforcement.’ It goes like this:

  1. Read the content
  2. Complete the practice questions
  3. Source external material
  4. Write your bound reference
  5. Repeat

Tips for making a great notebook

  1. Start a new section on a new page

A section can be likened to a chapter in your textbook, but don’t fall into the trap of repeating the textbook structure in your notebook. Group similar topics in one section of your notebook, and make sure each section starts on a new page so you can find them quickly and easily.

  1. Divide the book into halves vertically

This key point you can benefit from greatly. The basic rule is that the left side contains theory, and the right side contains practice, whether it be an example, calculator notes or something to memorise.

  1. Make equations and rules stand out

Writing the equations or rules on the left side ensures they aren’t mixed with the practice of these equations or rules. Make sure you use a different colour pen or a highlighter to make important information eye-catching.

  1. Use dot points

Don’t go to extreme lengths to perfectly express the theory of seasonal variation in a lengthy essay, for example. Keep your notes concise, straight to the point and meaningful.

  1. Use examples

Example questions that you found challenging or that express the content well are very useful to note in your notebook. Make sure you include them on the right side of the book and include the question wording as well as the answer.

  1. Include calculator notes

Whether it be shortcuts, directions or things to remember, including calculator notes is important. Don’t assume that the calculator will do everything for you on its own; you have to know how to use it properly.

  1. Leave pages between module sections

Leave five or so pages between module sections to add notes later or include difficult, unique questions that you want to have on hand. Better yet, scan your notebook at the end of the year onto your computer so that you can rearrange the pages and avoid stressing about structure as you’re writing.

  1. Paste in the diagram

While writing your own notes is imperative, it can also be useful to include diagrams from your textbook to clarify your understanding. Your consolidation of the content revolves around your notebook; if a diagram helps you understand a concept, don’t hesitate to include it.

One last thing!

General Maths is a subject in which anyone can achieve the score they want. This score will differ from person to person, but in order to truly reach your potential, you need to understand what it takes to give it your best shot. The only regret to have after Year 12 is not putting in your best effort.


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