Health and Human Development (HHD) is a hugely popular subject undertaken by many students each year. It’s for this very reason that the subject is extremely competitive. So, being on top of the content and workload is critical for success. Here’s Joseph Huynh’s take on master HHD.

Create study notes:

HHD questions test your knowledge and understanding of the theory. My approach to learning and remembering concepts was to make study notes. The best way to create study notes was to summarise the information in its simplest form using my own words. Another technique I used was making mind maps and tables. These are excellent for summarising information, as they break down larger concepts into smaller sections and help you to link these smaller sections together.

Breaking down the definition into concise language and dot points helps you remember it better, as you can remember smaller chunks more easily than a long-winded sentence. Also, colour-coding the different chunks helps you visualise and remember the different sections.

HHD is very content-heavy and so will require you to remember lots of different organisations’ roles and initiatives. All of these roles and initiatives are different, and if you try to remember them all by rote learning, it would be tedious and almost impossible. However, creating acronyms and trigger sentences can help you out.

Stand out from the crowd:

Because many students undertake HHD, you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd if you want to achieve a good score in the subject. This means you can’t just be familiar with the content; you also have to understand it and learn how to incorporate the content in exam-style questions. Throughout the course, you’ll learn about the various determinants of health. It’s important to note that these determinants are based on data collected by various organisations; they’re not 100 per cent accurate for each individual, as they’re based on broader information about the majority.

Familiarise yourself with exam-style questions:

While the main aim of studying a subject is to gain knowledge, you also want to do the best to achieve the highest study score possible. Becoming familiar with exam-style questions and how to approach them is fundamental to receiving as many marks as you can. The best piece of advice I can offer here is to start your preparation for school assessments and exams as early as possible by attempting to answer questions from past exams, past school assessments, ‘checkpoint’ books and your teacher’s resources.

How to prepare for exams:

  1. Complete all exam questions without test conditions.
  2. Complete all exam questions without being timed but without notes.
  3. Complete all exam questions under test conditions.


The advice I have provided here personally helped me to achieve a perfect score in HHD, and it can be a guide to help you achieve your best. However, it is important to find the methods of studying that are best suited to you as an individual.

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