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We are an exclusive group of talented individuals, always looking for additional team members who enjoy tutoring students. Please complete our Tutor Application Form as soon as possible to be added to our growing team.

Our Australian Private Juku Tutors include Teachers, Education Professionals, University Students, Past School Captains, School Dux and Premier award winners. All of our Juku Tutors have also received numerous non-academic awards and are hand-picked to ensure we are providing qualified tutors that can help every student achieve their full potential.

Application Criteria

To apply as a tutor, you must meet a minimum of one of the following criteria:

Tutors must complete their public Juku Tutoring profile and provide the relevant qualifications, academic results, experiences and other information to enable our students to send through private tutor requests matching a tutor’s unique criteria through our efficient platform.


You are able to choose how much you charge per hour, when and where you teach.

It takes less than 10 minutes to apply and costs nothing to join. So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to join thousands of tutors who are being paid to help others grow? 

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Brianna Read

Being a Juku Tutor is the best part time job where you're your own boss and control your timetable. The extra income received from Juku was used to help buy my first car and fund my holidays. Highly recommend 🙂

Peter Dyson

Over the years I have tutored more than 40 students and it's been the most satisfying job since finishing Year 12. Most of my friends work in hospitality and retail but tutoring is so much more fulfilling and that's why I love it.

Tim Robertson

As a qualified high school teacher for more than 5 years I joined Juku Tutoring in search of an additional opportunity to help students privately. Juku Tutoring is a very supportive organisation that really does put their students and tutors needs' first. I have also recommended my friends and colleagues to become private tutors with Juku Tutoring and they have shared a similar positive experience.

Greg Hamilton

I love that we can set our own prices and hand-pick the subjects we can tutor. I have the complete flexibility to choose my students, hours and holidays which is very important for me while I complete my university studies.

Brian McCleod

I have been a Juku Tutor for 4 years now and have really enjoyed my time here. Juku Tutoring has matched me with great students over the years and I love seeing my students improve. Can't recommend them enough.

Before applying as a primary and/or high school tutor,
please make sure you fit the criteria below:

Graduated Year 12 in Australia

Able to Work without Supervision

Passion for Teaching

Excellent Communication Skills