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Finding it difficult to find a local tutor? Juku’s online tutors make it easy! Our platform allows you to overcome challenges such as remote location, limited travel time and disruptive learning environments.

To make tutoring accessible to anyone from any location, Juku offers a simple framework for assisted learning via face to face or online tutoring – making it easy for you regardless of preference!

Share Your Documents and Record Your Tutoring Sessions

You can share your work in real time with your tutor. This allows them to review your work and collaboratively assist you just as you would in a face to face session. 
You are also able to record your tutoring lessons so you can refer back to them and re-watch as many times as you would like! 

In session messaging

Want to ask questions or share ideas during your lesson? Feel free to use the ‘Chat’ function within your session to message your Tutor ideas, files and more!

One on one sessions.

All you will need is a webcam and turn on your microphone; you’ll be ready to engage with your tutors directly through Zoom.


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Juku Tutoring has online tutors available in every Australian State and Territory.

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Our Testimonial

Why our clients love Juku Tutoring

Don’t just take our word for it. See what students & parents have to say...

Samantha Prior

Cannot recommend Juku tutoring enough. They are so professional and their tutors are hand-picked and offer amazing assistance to students with their broad knowledge on the relevant subjects . Have recommended them to all my friends. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

Michael Simpson

Very professional organisation and all the tutors I’ve dealt with from Juku are fantastic to work with. Would highly recommend to any parent wanting their children to excel in their High School studies.

Nicole Nguyen

The last 3 years have been great with Juku Tutoring. I am now in Year 10 and I am in the top 3 in my Science class. Thank you Juku Tutoring. I look forward to the next 3 years and I know that with your support I can achieve my full potential!

Lucy Raymond

A great company that prides themselves on providing the best services possible to all students. There are many different tutors available, so there will always be someone there that can provide the help you need. Would definitely recommend.

Anna Mendy

Juku Tutoring is an exceptional organisation that provides students with an environment in which they can thrive. Tutors are mature and conscientious in their approach, and support students throughout their school experiences. I would highly recommend them!

Chelsea Russell

Very friendly staff and great tutors to boost your scores! Find the most suitable service for you at Juku without traveling far. Excellent tutoring option for all year levels.

Emma Bailey

Great philosophy and dedication towards their students. Juku puts a great deal of effort into ensuring the highest quality staff and experience available.

Raphael Michael

Juku Tutoring is an outstanding organisation possessing an unrelenting passion to help students reach their full potential. All tutors are amiable and knowledgable in their respective fields. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Gregory

An excellent organisation that is committed to helping students of all ages reach their full potential, would highly recommend to all.

Simon Davidson

Referred my cousin to Juku. The feedback was very very positive!!! Keep up the great work! Definitely made a difference for my cousin!

Ben Tranh

Juku Tutoring is a reliable and long-established organisation that is perfect for both students and tutors. It not only provides an opportunity for passionate tutors, but also allows students to gain valuable knowledge, maximise their potential, and also gaining a friend who can support them outside of class to help them reach their goals.