To achieve success, you need to be prepared to do what others won’t and be the hardest working person in the room. You need to dream big and leave nothing in the tank. You can achieve your ideal score in any subject; the first step is to believe that it’s possible.


Believe in achieving:

Belief is the first step in achieving your dream study score. I remember a conversation that I had with my Physics teacher at the start of the year. The conversation was about my goals for the subject and what I hoped my study score would be. At the time, I mentioned to my teacher that I would be over the moon with anything close to the perfect score.


I was a very hard worker and knew that anything was possible if I gave it my all. It was at that point that I decided not to put a ceiling on any of my goals. Would it be hard? Yes. But from that point onwards, I decided to give it my all. I spent almost all of my waking hours trying to achieve my goal of a perfect study score.


Go above and beyond:

To succeed, I decided I needed more than my stock standard school textbooks. I needed to go above and beyond what most of the state was doing. Most students will only complete whatever homework their teacher assigns them. But if you do what most people do, you will only get an average score. You need to put in extra effort to achieve that extra special score.


For Physics, in particular, the more practice questions you do, the more likely you are to succeed in an exam. Moreover, you need to try questions that are worded and written somewhat differently. If you stick with the same textbook all year, you’ll be answering only the same types of questions. Buying extra books from a Year 12 bookstore gave me extra reading and extra questions, which gave me more practice. 


Find what works best for you:

To achieve your best study score, you need to give 100 per cent to each class, each school assessment and each exam. You can’t just do the bare minimum throughout the year, cram and achieve your best score; it doesn’t work that way. If you want to achieve your best study score, you must be willing to make small sacrifices. Try to study for a few hours each night with no distractions. Don’t use your phone or computer unless you’re on a break or using it to play relaxing music while you study. Everyone is different, and each needs to find what works best for them.


Practice exams:

I know you’ve heard it before, but I can’t stress how important it is to do practise exams, particularly examinations from previous years. There are many different resources you can use to access additional past exams. Your first point of contact should be your teacher: ask them for as many past exams as they have. You can also visit a local Year 12 bookstore and buy additional resources.


Useful Physics tips

  1. Write summary notes before each school assessment that contain definitions and common questions from practice assessments. Try to study at least one week before each assessment. These notes can then be used as exam notes too.
  2. Buy books that summarise the course and extra questions. Try to read them and do the additional questions before your school assessments.
  3. Buy additional textbooks to do as many questions as possible. Practice makes perfect.
  4. Physics can sometimes be a conceptually demanding subject, so get help from a tutor if you feel you need clarification for some topics. My tutor was amazing and was a huge contributor to my perfect score. I also know that the students I now tutor through Juku Tutoring find the extra support incredibly helpful, especially during stressful exams.
  5. Although Physics has many calculation questions, make sure you read and learn the theory. If you understand the theory well, you put yourself in a great position to achieve your best study score.
  6. Have a look at official exams from previous years, paying special attention to similar questions or that repeat themselves, and include them on your cheat sheet if you can.



If you want a great study score, then the hard work starts now. Start thinking about your goals for the year. It’s never too late to aim for greatness!

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