Here is a list of inspiring stories from students who were once in your position, aspiring to perform well in their studies. These students were all able to do what many incoming students think is unachievable: they obtained top scores! These stories are meant to encourage you, not tell you that you must achieve a perfect score. Your focus should be on achieving your best, not perfection.

English – Tim Barnett

Tim is a prime example of how adopting new learning styles and playing to your strengths can propel you to academic success. He says that being immersed in current affairs and having a strong historical awareness will drastically increase your skills in English. He also provides technical essay writing advice and discusses the best English exam preparation techniques.

General Maths – Lewis Vatcky

Lewis admits that maths was never really his strong suit. But he found that writing notes that included all of the content yet were concise and easy to understand significantly increased his understanding of complex subjects. He shares his top tips for making a great notebook for the General Maths exam.

Advanced Maths – Minh Duc Phan

Minh knows that doing your best academically requires practice – and a lot of it. We know that our brains learn by relating new information to the ‘bigger picture.’ Minh notes that maths is like one large, beautiful picture, with all of the smaller concepts fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Also discussed are strategies for dealing with stress and working as a team with your classmates.

Business Management – Shubhankar Vajpayee

Completing practice exams under exam conditions really helped Shubhankar excel and achieved his best score in Business Management. He also notes that having minimal distractions in your study space is a must. His chapter includes useful advice on how to study smart for Business Management and manage your time well.

Legal Studies – Grace Fethers

Grace knows that achieving your best score isn’t about being naturally talented or smart but about figuring out the learning methods and techniques that are best suited to you. She runs through examples of her own notes and sample exams for Legal Studies, as well as tips on how to set goals, stay positive and keep calm.

Biology – Benjamin

Metha Benjamin is an advocate for practice, practice and more practice. Benjamin says that learning from his mistakes was paramount to his success in Biology. He recommends taking practice exams, correcting them and taking note of what you get wrong. He also gives his advice on battling procrastination and making study fun.

Physics – Chris Piperidis

Chris is definitely a student who knows that time is of the essence. He was able to achieve his best score in Physics by simply dreaming big, practising relentlessly and taking the time to memorise formulas. He also shares the specific study strategies he used to succeed in Physics.

Health and Human Development – Joseph Huynh

Put simply; Joseph is a master of Health and Human Development! His story includes ways to make top-tier notes – ones you’ll actually want to study from. He talks about how to respond to the subject’s criteria, including the specific ways that you can turn your knowledge into marks on the exam.

Geography – Michelle Benington

Time management is key to achieving your best score, and Michelle knew this is going into Year 12 Geography. She is a master of sticking to her study blocks when they are scheduled and has also mastered giving herself the necessary rest periods and time to take care of herself through exercise.

History – Marisa Lucente

Marisa is a charismatic individual whose story is sure to make you laugh and cry and motivate you all at once. She knows how important it is to set ambitious goals, use your support network, work hard and prepare well. She also shares her top memorisation techniques for the seemingly endless list of dates and names in History.

Languages – Artemis Sfendourakis

Artemis’s story does a fantastic job of outlining study tips and strategies for students who are looking to conquer language courses. You’ll find out how to immerse yourself in the language you’re studying and use your knowledge and skills beyond your schooling years. You’ll also learn about top study tips for both your oral and written exams.

Art – Laura Mihai

Laura knows that many students feel like Art is subject-based purely on talent, but it’s much more than that in reality. She fought many ups and downs to reach her potential, and she says that making mistakes and learning from them is crucial.

She provides a detailed guide on how to create a high-scoring folio.

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn a little about these students and the subjects they achieved top marks in, we encourage you to dive into their full stories. Even if you’re not taking the same subjects as some of them, you’re sure to find inspiration, great tips and pearls of wisdom in each story.

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